Three identified priority areas and pilot areas for the IPS project

In the two years discussion since 2017, considering the regional characteristics of Asia Oceania region, three priority areas are identified, which are Mekong River Basin, Pacific Islands, and Himalaya Mountains. The Asia-Oceania region are characterized from the highest mountain region in a world (Himalaya region) to the large Oceania regions with many islands (Pacific Islands and Indo-Pacific Maritime Continents) via several river basins (one of major rivers is Mekong river). The three identified regions include the typical societal issues born by natural disasters and environmental changes, which related with the GEO’s three global engagement areas, and outputs from the IPS project will provide good practices to other regions in AO and in a world.

To start the project, pilot areas are also identified for three priority areas, which are Mekong River Delta for Mekong River, Samoa Passage for Pacific Island, and Kanchenjunga Landscape for Himalaya Mountain, to be able to visualize practically the IPS project to promote. By this reason, all datasets listed in the table cover all the pilot areas.