AOGEO Statements & Mappings

AOGEO Statements 2021
Adopted at 14th AOGEO Symposium, 12th November 2021, Online

AOGEO Statements 2020
Adopted at 13th AOGEO Symposium, 5th March 2020, Online
Mapping AOGEO TG Activities with GEO Priorities in 2020

AOGEO Statements 2019
Adopted at 12th AOGEO Symposium, 2nd November 2019, Canberra (Australia)

Presentation about AOGEO

Asia Oceania Group on Earth Observations - Introduction - Vision and Activities
By Prof. Hiroyuki Muraoka, IGARSS 2019, 2 August, Yokohama (Japan)
Setting - for the 12th Asia Oceania Group on Earth Observations (AOGEO) Symposium
By Dr. Kentaro Ando(JAMSTEC), 2nd November 2019, Canberra (Australia)
AOGEO - from observation to knowledge development, integration and contribution to three engagement priorities
By Prof. Hiroyuki Muraoka, GEO Virtual Symposium 2020, 18 June


AOGEO Overview
AOGEO Task Groups