Himalaya Mountains

General: Mountain regions cover about 24% of the earth surface and provide important ecosystem services to almost half of humanity around the world. It is estimated that the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) ecosystem alone provide goods and services to about 1.5 billion people living in the mountains and it’s downstream. Mountain areas with often difficult terrain and high degree of inaccessibility present a formidable challenge to collect and manage data and information. This Integrated Priority Study will develop a platform for regional collaboration by bringing together all the GEO member organizations and thematic line agencies from the region working on EO and Geospatial technologies. In future the task aims to: 1) Building on these foundations of ICIMOD and its network, ICIMOD can serve as a Himalayan node contributing to the sub-regional implementation of GEOSS with active involvement of the regional member countries and international partnerships; 2) The focal organizations in the GEO member countries in the region will be the main contributors in this initiative. Participation will be sought from the relevant line agencies working in the thematic areas of agriculture, forestry, disasters and climate; and 3) Private sector participation will also be encouraged. ICIMOD will host the initiative within its Regional Program - Mountain Environment Regional Information System (MENRIS). Complimentary contributions will be managed through ongoing initiatives within ICIMOD such as SERVIR for co-hosting workshops/ meetings and development of tools and services.

Pilot area: Kanchenjunga landscape