About GEO Work Programme and Implementation Plan

GEO Work Programme

GEO Work Programme is a 3-year implementation plan by the GEO community and GEO Secretariat to realize the vision and missions stated in GEO Strategic Plan 2016-2025: Implementing GEOSS and by the outcomes of further activities by Communities of Practice consist of Earth observation institutions, scientists, users and private sectors.
Work Programme is consist of GEO Implementation Mechanisms including Flagships, Initiatives, Foundational Tasks, Community Activities, and Regional GEOs. Development of the Work Programme are collaboratively made by Communities of practice, GEO Programme Board and GEO Secretariat. The latest plan has been adopted at the 16th GEO Plenary in Canberra, November 2019. For details of GEO Work Programme please refer to the website of GEO (LINK).

AOGEO Implementation Plan 2020-2022

Implementation Plan is living document and is updated every year at GEO Plenary. The latest AOGEO’s Implementation Plan 2020-2020 is available from here:
2020-2022 GEO Work Programme Application Asia-Oceania GEO (AOGEO)
(as of November 2019)