Asia-Oceania Day, GEOWeek2018 Side event

  • 1. Date/Time
    : Monday October 29, 2018 at 9:30-17:40
  • 2. Place
    : Kyoto International Conference Center, RoomB1
  • 3. Host
    : AOGEOSS Initiative
  • 4. Theme
    : Asia Oceania Day
    ”Fostering synergy among Regional GEOSS Initiatives”

MC: Mr. Tsugito Nagano, RESTEC

Opening Session (9:30-10:40)

(1) Opening Remarks (5 minutes x2) (10 minutes)

・Dr.Tang Xinming, Deputy director-general of Land Satellite Remote Sensing Application Center (On behalf of co-chair from China) (5)
・Dr. Gilberto Câmara, GEO Secretariat Director (5)

(2) Report from Asia Oceania Caucus members (3 minutes/6persons)

・GEO Principal (or Principal alternate) of each AO Caucus members
【Australia, Cambodia [PDF 5.3MB], China, Japan, Republic of Korea, New Zealand】

(3) Asia Pacific Symposium Highlight (30 minutes)

・Report on Kyoto statement, action plan for implementation of GEO’s three engagement priority areas: SDGs/Paris Agreement on Climate/Sendai Frame Work on Disaster Risk Reduction.
・Co-lead of AOGEOSS report SDGs, Paris and DRR for one by one.
【Paris: Dr. David Hudson [PDF 4.6MB], SDGs: Dr. Gu Xingfa [PDF 1.6MB], DRR: Dr. Toshio Koike [PDF 3.6MB]

・・・Coffee break (10:40-11:00)・・・

Specific Example of the Regional Cooperation (11:00-12:00)

(4) Earth Observation Supporting Pacific Island Nation Environmental, Climate and Livelihood Needs (60 minutes)

【Lead: Dr. Alex Held】
・ Report from EO4PacificSDG event in Brisbane (Dr. Alex Held) [PDF 6.1MB]
・ An Update on the African Regional Data Cube and lessons for Asia Oceania (Dr. Stuart Minchin) [PDF 2.8MB]

・・・Lunch break (12:00-13:30)・・・

National and Regional GEO Panel Session (13:30-15:30)

(5) Panel discussion 1 (Regional GEOSS)(60minutes):

How do Regional GEOSS work together
【Moderator: Dr. Hiroyuki Muraoka and Dr. Imraan Saloojee (GEO PB) [PDF 868KB]
*Presentations by leadership of AfriGEOSS [PDF 5.3MB], AmeriGEOSS, AOGEOSS [PDF 5.7MB] and EuroGEOSS [PDF 665KB]
*Panel discussion with panelists
(Topic 1) What are the challenges of Regional GEOSS? (Resources and engagement with policy makers (stakeholders))
(Topic 2) What can be expected through collaboration and communication among other Regional GEOSS initiatives?
(Topic 3) What are the opportunities by regional coordination and cooperation, and what do we expect Regional GEOSS to expand/accelerate global GEO activities?

(6) Panel discussion 2(National GEOs) (60minutes) :

How do National GEOs engage and coordinate various government departments? (60 minutes)
【Moderator: :Dr. Stuart Minchin】
【Panelists: China [PDF 1.3MB], US [PDF 3.3MB], Germany [PDF 825KB], Japan [PDF 3.4MB], GEO Secretariat Director】
(Topic 1) What are the main functions of a National GEO? What does it do on a regular basis?
(Topic 2) What would not have been achieved without the National GEO?
(Topic 3) What do you expect a National GEO to do if resources allow?
*Open discussion with panelists and audiences

・・・Coffee break (15:30-16:00)・・・

Emerging Case Study (16:00-17:15)

(7) AOGEOSS Case Study(35minutes)

Introduction of the Case Study (Prof. Toshio Koike, ICHARM) (7minutes) [PDF 1.3MB]
Over view of the AOGEOSS Case Study (Dr. Yongseung Kim) (7minutes) [PDF 910KB]
Ongoing / Planned Activities related to the AOGEOSS Case Study(21=7minutes*3ppl)
a. Mr. Takahiro Morita,JICA [PDF 1.4MB]
b. Prof. Kiwon Lee, Hansung University [PDF 1.7MB]
c. Dr.TANG Xining, Satellite Surveying and Mapping Application Center, NASG [PDF 45.7MB]

Panel Discussion (40)

Dr. Yongseung Kim,KARI)
1) Mr.Takahiro Morita, JICA;
2) Dr.David Hudson, Geoscience Australia;
3) Prof. Tetsukazu Yahara, AP-BON;
4) Dr. Thuy Le Toan,AsiaRiCE/GEOGLAM;
5) Dr.Peeranan Towashiraporn,GEO DARMA;
6) Dr.TANG Xining, NASG
(Topic 1) (20 minutes)
How strengthen monitoring capability of changes in the Mekong River Basin?
(Topic 2) (20 minutes)
How integrate result of monitoring into sound decision making?

Closing Session (17:15-17:40)

(8) Wrap up the Asia Oceana Day (15minutes)

【Prof. Toshio Koike, Co-lead of AOGEOSS】[PDF 449KMB]

(9) Announcement of the GEO Week2019 (3minutes)

(10) Closing Remarks (3minutes)

【Mr.Hiroshi Yokochi, Director of Environment and Energy Division Research and Development Bureau, MEXT】