• The ASIA-OCEANIA Group on Earth Observation (AOGEO) is a framework for regional cooperation in Asia-Oceania and will engage regional stakeholders, including national agencies and regional intergovernmental organizations, in global GEO activities and coordinate implementation of GEO activities within the AO region. AOGEO will also:

    1. identify regional needs for Earth observation applications and conveying these to global GEO activities;
    2. facilitate regionally coordinated Earth observation activities and utilize available infrastructure, resources and capacity to develop integrated and sustained observations in the AO region;
    3. provide a platform for regional countries to advance data sharing and services;
    4. promote dialogue, communications and cooperation among the AOGEO Members and other participants, as well as with other Regional GEOs; and
    5. support sound decision-making at local, national and regional scales by making maximum use of Earth observation data and information.

    AOGEO will focus on the three areas of GEO’s Engagement Strategy, including 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs), Paris Climate Agreement within the UNFCCC (Paris Agreement), and Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (Sendai Framework) by implementing three types of activities: Regional Application Activities, Foundational Tasks and Integrated Priority Studies.

    1. Regional Application Activities: To address regional challenges related to the GEO’s Societal Benefit Areas and the GEO global Flagships and Initiatives such as GEO BON, GEOGLAM, GFOI, GEO Carbon and GHG Initiative, Blue Planet and GEOGLOWS, AOGEO will enhance Earth observation capacity and their applications through: 1) Asian Water Cycle Initiative (AWCI); 2) Asia-Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network (AP-BON); 3) GEO Carbon and GHG Initiative (GEO-C); 4) Oceans, Coasts, and Islands (OCI); 5) Agriculture and Food Security (AsiaRiCE); 6) Drought monitoring and evaluation; 7) Environmental Monitoring and Protection (EMP); 8) Disaster Resilience(DR); and 9) Himalayan GEOSS.
    2. Foundational Tasks: To promote regional coordination, AOGEO will implement selected, often enabling, activities including 1) Data Sharing; 2) Data Hubs and Cubes; and 3) User Engagement and Communication.
    3. Integrated Priority Studies: To exemplify the cross-cutting and inter-related nature of various Societal Benefit Areas (SBAs), AOGEO recognizes that, with respect to SDGs, Paris Agreement and Sendai Framework, special efforts for integrating Earth observations and harmonizing research and operational activities are needed in some specific areas including 1) Mekong River Basin; 2) Pacific Islands; and 3) Himalayan Mountains.
    The concrete plans of these activities are identified in “2020-2022 GEO Work Programme Application Asia-Oceania GEO (AOGEO)”.

AOGEO Structure

  • Inclusiveness

    All GEO Members and Participating Organization in the Asia-Oceania Region are encouraged to participate in the structure. Non-Member countries are also welcome to participate.

    Voluntary Contributions

    All involvement of AOGEO activities are conducted on a voluntary basis. All members and partners could take advantage of its strength to achieve the initiative objectives with joint efforts in line with the implementation plan of the Initiative.


    Balance between developed and developing countries, as well as provider communities and user communities, will be considered in the composition of the Governance Structure.

    Best Efforts

    The Initiative should leverage the existing coordination mechanisms to the largest extent possible to achieve Pareto optimality, i.e., no one individual country is made worse off in the proposed structure.

  • Asia-Oceania Caucus

    The decision-making body consisting of GEO Principals in the Asia-Oceania Region. It provides high-level political support and necessary resources to implement AOGEO.

    Coordination Board

    The executive management body, co-chaired by the AOGEO co-leads, consisting of experts on technology and management related to the AOGEO tasks.

    AOGEO Symposium (previous GEOSS Asia-Pacific Symposium)

    The regional forum to exchange broad scientific and technical views on Earth observations and their applications as well as to report progress of tasks in the AOGEO Initiative.

Coordination Board Co-Chairs

Name Member Organization
Xingfa Gu China RADI-CAS
David Hudson Australia Geoscience Australia
Mariko Harada Japan JAXA
Yongseung Kim Korea KARI

GEO Secretariat Focal Point

  • Wenbo Chu, wchu[at]geosec.org